About Us

All India Agro (AiA) is a technology-led Agri sourcing company that applies the UBER model of supply chain aggregation, optimizes, and enables efficient delivery of fresh produce.

Our technology platform allows us to be efficient and trustworthy in terms of:

- Traceability of the perishables from seed to consumption

- Fill demand-supply gaps in almost real-time, which means we can pick when the market is ready for the produce

- Cleaned and packed at our distribution points - no leakage or adulteration

- Reverse logistics for unsold packs. Produce more than 2 days old are taken back

AiA is creating a traceability model in the food ecosystem by developing a technology-driven platform that enables the buyer to trace the source back to the farm and also validate the various parameters that are needed for certifying the output.

This platform also helps the buyer to monitor the supply of produce from different GEOs to align end product output downstream

The logistics of pick and delivery of the produce from the farm are automated to provide faster and easier access to information to all registered delivery.

AiA ethically sources and creates special organic packs of non-perishable items like Moringa Leaf Powder, Moringa Seed Oil, Jaggery, Cashew (whole kernels), Allspice, Pepper, etc. sold in our own branded packs.