Fresh Veggies


The produce that we bring to your location is VERIFIED and TRACKED. Our AiA technology platform “AgriTrace” leverages blockchain, and enables traceability of farm produce to take corrective actions like a product rejection or further cleaning to be implemented quickly and effectively when chemical thresholds are breached. When a potential problem is identified, whether by a processing unit or a buying agency, agritrace can help isolate and prevent contaminated products from reaching consumers.

AgriTrace allows businesses to identify the affected food produce well in time and isolate the origin, minimizing disruption to trade and any potential public health risks. It is important for all food businesses (including retailers and importers) to be able to trace products.


We apply the UBER taxi model to ensure that the produce we bring to market is FRESH DAILY. Every day, our supply chain process goes to the site of the produce (farms) and collects veggies harvested that morning.

This ensures that the produce picked is delivered to the end-consumer within the day and in just a few hours.

Variety Packed

To ensure that you get variety at your table, we pull together a new set of Veggies every day. One day, you could get freshly picked beans, while the next day, you will be able to receive freshly plucked capsicum.

These are all packed in ready to ‘cut’ kits that are usually priced at Rs. 50/pack. NO bargaining and NO doubts on being cheated.

Special Packs

Not only do we ensure that fresh veggies are shipped close to your residence, we also procure ORGANIC produce like Jaggery, All Spice, Pepper and Cashews. These are sorted, cleaned and packed in airtight packaging : branded and trustworthy.