AiA platform “AgriTrace” leverages blockchain, and enables traceability of farm produce to take corrective actions like a product rejection or further cleaning to be implemented quickly and effectively when chemical thresholds are breached. When a potential problem is identified, whether by a processing unit or a buying agency, agritrace can help isolate and prevent contaminated products from reaching consumers.

AgriTrace allows businesses to identify the affected food produce well in time and isolate the origin, minimizing disruption to trade and any potential public health risks. It is important for all food businesses (including retailers and importers) to be able to trace products.


AiA platform RT-Agri provides real time information with an accuracy of 95% on the availability of agricultural produce available from a specific geography. Food processors, bulk buyers can plan their production based on the availability and book the supply of the produce.

RT-Agri will ensure delivery of this produce to the buyer by automatically invoking the logistics provider.


AgriRide connects logistics partners, individuals/ riders for efficient pickup, transport and delivery of agricultural produce, all at a pre-determined price.

AiA also enables certain logistics partners with small form cold storage as part of the vehicles, which can be used to store the produce when necessary.

Reverse Logistics

Not only do we enable the forward supply chain, but also manage the reverse logistics. Our platform enables the collection of various agri-inputs and transport them back to the farm location. This helps farmers with not only timely support, but, also get better volume discounts.