AllSpice – the magic spice

Considered to be the discovery of Columbus on his voyage to Jamaica, AllSpice is a rare berry that has flavors of Clove, Nutmeg, and Cinnamon.

A very popular ingredient in the Carribean cuisine, AllSpice is used in soups, sauces, rice, marinades & pies.

While AllSpice berries are used for South Indian adaptions of Mughal foods, particularly Biryani; in that, they replace the Northern Indian Bay-leaves which have a remotely similar flavor.


Originally from Indonesia cloves are used in cooking due to their pleasant smell & flavour. Besides pepper, clove is the most widely used spice in Indian cuisines. Be it a rice dish or a curry, clove finds its space in most of the Indian dishes.

Clove contains important essential oils which are important for the human body.

Historically the trade of clove goes back to Before Christ where they were used for medicinal purposes mainly to contain toothache and to prevent foul smells from storages.

Usage of cloves provides us with vitamin A, C & K and are contains many minerals & ores which are vital for our body. Clove based dishes, soups, and extracts are believed to heal cough & cold sores.

CLoves are extensively used in the cosmetic industry, where it helps in providing an aroma or to prepare the perfect perfume. When dissolved in alcohol it can be used as an air freshener.

They are anti-fungal, anti-bacterial & antiseptic. Most of the Indian houses add clove store their staples like rice, sugar to prevent fungus formation.

All India Agro sources spices from the plantations of Wynad, Kerala – a southern state of India.